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Now I can use that iPhone app!

Sixteen or so months ago, my wife (who has her own blog) downloaded the WordPress application to her iPhone. “That sounds cool,” I thought, “maybe it’s a dedicated reader for WordPress blogs on the iPhone, must get that!” I downloaded it too, only to discover that it’s for people who have their own blogs, and who want to manage and/or update those blogs from the comfort of their iPhones.

So that app has lain dormant on my iPhone for sixteen months, gathering virtual dust, and taking up valuable memory. Until this moment, that is, as I publish my very first mobile blog post.

Why don’t you write a blog about it?

It’s a fair question, and my answer is usually along the lines of:

  • I don’t have time to write or maintain a blog
  • Who would ever read it?
  • I’m far too long-winded, so any actual readers would quickly get bored.

But what the heck, almost everyone I know writes a blog, so it can’t be that time-consuming, can it? And who knows, maybe sometimes I’ll have something interesting and/or useful to say, about something.

OK, this post isn’t one of those times, but I have to start somewhere, right?