Winter again?

There’s no use denying it any longer: winter has arrived, with a vengeance! As the kids finish their breakfast, and Lady Fi walks the dog, I can see through the window that the car is buried under 10 centimetres of snow, which will have to be cleared away before we can drive anywhere.

It feels too early! I mean, I haven’t really gotten over last winter yet, and already it’s -15°C outside! Thankfully, there is plenty of evidence that there has been a summer in between…

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  • ladyfi  On 2010-11-27 at 10:02

    Please feel free to use one of my winter pics!

  • Aliena P  On 2010-11-27 at 11:38

    Well, let’s say as those crazy Norwegians: Enjoy the cold as long as it lasts. (And, let’s hope it won’t last!)

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